Cosmic Wind Water for Course, Workshop and Auctions

There is still a lot to learn about Cosmic energy as practiced in the East. Gain a broad understanding of the entire life pattern of our history, like ‘stardust’ of the cosmos. Follow one of the many training courses and workshops of World Of Wind Water Academy in Bussum, because knowledge leads to more knowledge. And finally, knowledge is power!

The period of 8 is almost at an end.
The period of 9 begins from 2024 through 2044.
What does this mean for each? Period of 8 was a 20 year period of harmony, prosperity and well-being but at the end it is a nasty period of reflection, disconnections and closures. Human health got a dew by COVID through which, vaccinations, mouthguards and lockdown were the consequences.

How can we remedy or do something about it? Did Covid show only woes or also its positive side, through man learns man? From the most unthinkable happens and certain movements come about, good and bad.
Are we going to face a world war? This and more we can learn to calculate through the basic teachings of the “Flying Stars” or flying stars of the cosmos or the movement of the planets. A doctrine of old but always practiced with great humility.
Knowledge is Power but sharing is Strength!

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