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What is the purpose of the Foundation?

Purpose of the “Children of the Future Foundation”.

Name : Children of the Future Foundation
With registration with the Chamber of Commerce no.
Directors : Remi L.H.T. Gerkens – chairman
C.S.H. Gerkens-Lim (Founder) – Secretary
C.J. Gerkens – Treasurer
Term of office provisionally unlimited.

The goal of this foundation is to create a “legacy” of sorts.
Lynn wants to leave something of her knowledge and cultural heritage for children, small children and older children of third parties who are in trouble.

Lynn wants to help children be more independent, to find happiness with what they have and also the appreciation they deserve. Sick, healthy or eager to learn, children of all skin colors and backgrounds. Children are innocent and can form a ring of alliance. Young or older children, whether they are on their own or are in more difficult times as a family or have a lack of finances.

Also, elderly people who are alone and feel lonely or need help with errands or just a visit can be arranged by the Foundation. A small gift or a bunch of flowers to cheer them up is also part of my intentions. As with Covid many of us acquaintances were on our own. For those people, we cooked and brought the food together with Remi to give them a heart to heart.

All of this is Lynn’s dream wish of a legacy under the umbrella of STICHTING CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE FOUNDATION.
Lynn also supports ANIMALS IN NEED such as the Dierenlot foundation. Lynn would like to help churches in countries like South Africa or Far East, where children are involved in wars. Currently there is war in Ukraine, natural disasters or children who are bullied or in mental health problems, we offer them a safe place in our hearts. Of course, this is only on a small scale now, but we are doing what we can.

Later, Lynn would like to write textbooks and bequeath the rights to the foundation so that with the sale of the books, the proceeds are used to directly help children in need.

A recent case :
Recent story is of a 16-month-old baby “Adam” who was burned with hot water on New Year’s Eve and taken to the burn hospital in Beverwijk. Lynn took the mother with baby and grandmother to Ter Gooi hospital in Blaricum after which they were taken by ambulance to Beverwijk Burn Center.
Soon after, Lynn started a “crowd-funding” campaign for the affected family. It took her a lot of effort but the payoff was very favorable. She passed it on to Adam’s father and grandmother to pay their expenses. The father has to commute with his 3-year-old daughter every day from Dronten or Bussum to Beverwijk by train or with Remi’s car. So gasoline money was also needed.
Residence of Adam in Beverwijk was already since December 31, 2021 to February 2022.

Baby Adam will also have surgery on his burn graft on Jan. 17, 2022. His left arm also sustained damage.

This family are official asylum seekers at AZC in Dronten. They fled to the Netherlands because of war violence. This is a recent example that caught Lynn’s attention and immediately implemented her charity with vigor. In a period of time, baby Adam will have to undergo some more examinations and skin grafts or surgeries, we support him.

We as the foundation team do this voluntarily.

Kind regards,

C.S.H. Gerkens-Lim (Lady Lynn)

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you can attend a Lady Lynn workshop up to 4 times a year and when you purchase from the showroom you will have benefits and discounts.

There is also a “platform” and a “forum” with experts where you can ask your questions and get to know others who also have the same interest in the Cosmic Wind & Water philosophy. Children ages 6 to 18 receive free counseling or coaching.

Lady Lynn’s wish is to donate her estate through her sales of services and books, among other things, to the club to be able to support good causes for the environment, “HUMAN AND ANIMAL”.

One of her projects is the Children of the Future project. Her services can benefit people in all levels.

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