Who is Lady Lynn?

Who is Lady Lynn?

For more than 40 years she has been
Cosmic Wind and Water philosophy
practiced. Her “treasure house” and showroom
“Cosmic Green Dragon”
is in Bussum, located in the heart of the Gooi, Gooise Meren in North Holland. Lynn’s reputation and her groundedness in part, in dealing with her guests, makes her so special. That’s why they affectionately call her “Lady.” She performs her
Cosmic Wind and Water consultations
, coaching, lectures and workshops. That is why she is so popular and successful. Her clients have become acquaintances over the years and many are now her dear friends.

Lady Lynn
present she is always there for you, over a cup of tea or coffee she will make time for you.

Lynn Gerkens-Lim

With a Grandmother of Chinese descent and a father from Okinawa – Japan, Lady Lynn has hair


from both countries. In addition, she was born and raised in Singapore. She has been living and working very happily in the Netherlands for over 44 years now.
Lynn Gerkens-Lim
is therefore the perfect bridge, a real “go-between” between
“East and West.

Feng (Wind) Shui (Water)

Lynn was initially raised at the age of 6 by her Chinese grandmother and her beloved father of Okinawan descent in the authentic
Cosmic Wind and Water
culture. It was a mouth to mouth secret teaching. In times when it was banned in Asian countries. Having completed her schooling, primary school, secondary school in the famous CONVENT OF THE HOLY INFANT JESUS – Victoria Street in Singapore and Pre-University college level she has completed the modern diplomas from the institute of World of Feng Shui WOFS.Com in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia under the direction of Grand Master Mrs. Lillian Too obtained and reached the level of a modern Feng Shui Master! Since 2002, Lynn has acquired no less than the four highest official Master Feng Shui Certificates:

  • Master Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Master Feng Shui Consultant
  • Master Feng Shui Paht Chee
  • Master Feng Shui Water Dragon
  • Master Cosmic Wind & Water (with Tibetan influence under Tulku Sonam Chodup Rinpoche)

Special certificates : SME certificate, Scheidegger Secretary certificate, Scheidegger Accounting training….Reiki 1 and 2 ….

Dutch and Oriental

With her Asian background, she is the ideal person as a multicultural, influential Feng Shui Master: both Western (modern type) and at the same time very Eastern (conservative type). Lynn is married to a true down-to-earth Dutchman, Carl, and she is the proud mother of their two grown sons, Sebastian and Remi. Her husband has always been enthusiastic and supportive of her ventures, goals and business. Lynn describes her three men and three endearing Siamese cats as, “my three Chi Lins.”

Down to Earth

Lady Lynn’s style is definitely “not floaty” and practical whenever possible, call it “down to earth“. Through her welcoming manner, she approaches her clients in her “new Cosmic Dragon showroom” and during her consultations and workshops, as close acquaintances with whom she would like to share her passion in all things cosmic.

All of Europe

As director/owner of the World of Wind Water Academy and
Cosmic Green Dragon
she has given numerous courses and consultations throughout Europe, Suriname and Curacao. With her impressive work, she is no stranger to such places as Belgium, Germany, England, Ireland, Japan, France, Romania, Suriname, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden and even the Caribbean Curaçao.

First Dutch book

In 2012, Lady Lynn’s first book was published

“The Reveal”

. This book explains in a clear and open way what
Cosmic Wind and Water
is all about. It is easily accessible to any reader and it also provides immediately applicable and concrete tips for daily use. She interprets the 12 Chinese astrological zodiac signs with their characteristics very playfully but clearly.

Attractive lifestyle

Why is
Cosmic Wind and Water
so important to Lady Lynn? Seen from the broad perspective, this millennia-old Chinese science offers an attractive and rewarding lifestyle for the Western world. For Lady Lynn
Cosmic Wind and Water
also plays a crucial role in her quest forpeace of mind ” and above all for a healthy, happy, harmonious and in “balance” life!


Lady Lynn has always been a generous personality. She has supported many charities over the past 20 years, from churches with charity projects to countries hit by natural disasters, Unicef, Red Cross, Cancer Fund, Make a Wish Foundation, Child Soldier, South African foundations, Myanmar eye clinic, Cliniclowns and Kika! It supports the charities of the National Postcode Lottery from the very beginning of their existence almost 35 years ago! Most recently, in 2016, she was rewarded with an award!

But Lady Lynn also does what she does not want to reveal or air. She keeps it private! And that’s how she many people up close who are having problems with themselves with money or relationship problems she is there as support and “the heart to help.” She does this voluntarily! Free of charge and with a lot of patience!

Support Lady Lynn in her worthy and fair project by becoming a support member, sponsor in her newly established “COSMIC DRAGON CLUB”

Lady Lynn’s dream wish is to create something of a legacy for the children of the future. “Children of the Future!”

She has decided to bequeath all her rights of her books in this Cosmic Dragon club in a non-commercial set up where members or people of all ages can call on the platform. The tradition of doing mercy and good deeds on a volunteer basis must breathe life into the Club.

The founder is : Lynn C.S.H. Gerkens-Lim (Lady Lynn)

The board team members are : Sebastian K.H.C. Gerkens & Remi L.H.T. Gerkens

Honorary member : Carl J. Gerkens

The website builder and sponsor is : Marco Kroon – Kroon Webdesign

The websites that provide support are : www.cosmicgreendragon.nl and www.worldofwindwateracademy.nl

We need your support too!

Join us, do not doubt the purity of this project. What comes that comes!

Note: Lady Lynn is still looking for volunteers to perform hand and truss services and she asks anyone who has a specialty to offer it to support the Club. Her idea is to create a platform with a forum so that anyone who has questions or seeks information in the Cosmic Wind and Water philosophy can come to the Cosmic Dragon Club.

Can you type, use the internet, be creative, innovative or just help with “crowd-funding” or organize charity projects, cleaning etc….

“You are who we are looking for”

Write to : cgdmailshop@gmail.com or Whatsapp/Messenger to Lady Lynn : +31 (0)651285688